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We're so lucky to have fantastic partners on Isle de Nature, including Alicia and Rick Davison, proprietors of Pagua Bay House and curious beekeepers. Read more about them and their love affair with Dominica, the island that inspired Isle de Nature.

How did you end up in Dominica?

Rick and I got married in St. Croix and when we were there, we took a taxi for a day trip….days before Uber and back then, they were the most knowledgable guides around. During one of our discussions throughout the day, we asked him if he could live anywhere in the Caribbean, where would he live? He said, “Dominica". Because so many islanders move around the islands for work, we said, “oh, so that’s where you are from” and he said, “No, my daughter married a man from Dominica and it’s the most beautiful island, I’ve ever seen”. So, that put it on the map for us 20 years ago. When we decided to visit Dominica, several years later, we spent less than a week here in November and fell in love. By January, we packed up and moved to DominicA with our 80 lb. Lab. The rest is history.

What makes Dominica so special to you?

For me being a Colorado girl, I love the nature and the topography -- it’s quite mountainous for a Caribbean island and bountiful fresh water. They say there is a river for everyday of the year and one the wonderful perks, is that you can drink the water straight from from the tap. The water is sourced from fresh water springs throughout the island. Honestly, Dominica is the friendliest Caribbean island I have ever been to and I’ve been to a lot! For example, if you were driving and got a flat tire, you wouldn’t even have to change it yourself, you would have multiple people stopping to see if you needed assistance. I can tell you that from experience. In addition, the land is so fertile here, everything grows, even without a green thumb our gardens and greenhouse flourish.

What is your favorite part of the island?

Wow, that’s a tricky one. Obviously where we live is my favorite, because we have a river and the Atlantic Ocean, which affords us a never ending breeze and amazing sunrises. We also love the Central Forest, which is totally different; it has the Boiling Lake, a rigorous 6 - 8 hour hike to the 2nd largest Boiling Lake in the world and there are amazing natural sulphur hot springs, surrounded by lush flora and fauna.

Describe the smell of Dominica when you first get off the airplane.

The dewy, fresh scent on a hike after it rains.

What is your favorite local dish?

Coconut Curry Chateau, which is octopus fished fresh from the sea, it’s tender and delicious. I’ve never attempted it myself, it’s quite a process to get it to that point.

Is there an adventure you have yet to do but have wanted to do on the island?

I’ve been whale watching, but you can also swim with the whales. It is an expensive endeavor, but I can only imagine and have heard it is an experience of a lifetime.

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