Marigot Honey Scent Coin

Marigot Honey Scent Coin


Welcome to Isle de Nature. A world where luxury and unspoiled nature are one and the same. 

Inspired by the small island nation of Dominica in the West Indies, Marigot Honey scent combines the essence of the local bay leaf with the harmonious honey scent of our beehives, adding native spices and florals – for an olfactory sensory journey where the tropical lush smells of nature island come to life.


Each ceramic coin is handmade and then hand-dipped in pure fragrance oil so you can experience the Marigot Honey fragrance in your home. 

How to use:

The Scent Coin is perfect for transforming any intimate environment (your living room, a drawer, your bathroom) into your own Isle de Nature escape. 

Please enjoy.

Every purchase of Isle de Nature helps build more beehives in Dominica, the Caribbean island where we get our beeswax and the paradise that inspired our scent.