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We recently had the pleasure of interviewing David Friedrichs of Cerqular, a new sustainability marketplace that's all about the circular economy. Isle de Nature is proud to be a participating brand on the marketplace. We love finding like-minded platforms and brands that share our views towards sustainability. Here's what David had to say:

Tell us a bit about your background and why you decided to launch Cerqular?

We’re consumer brand people by trade and understand the mindset of innovators, creators, designs, formulators, and doers. When we exited our last business, we knew we wanted to create something that could cause a significant shift in supply chains and manufacturing from conventional to sustainable, so we picked a two-sided marketplace platform as the instrument to drive this change. Timing is never 100% right but launching was more important to us than waiting for a better time. We launched Nov. 1, 2021, in likely one of the busiest times for brands – not to mention during COVID – and yet despite all of this we have scaled to become the fastest growing and likely one of the largest sustainable platforms globally. While COVID has amplified the need to shop more consciously and locally, the need to change was there long before and is now more prevalent than ever and constantly building momentum.


Do you feel that consumer behavior around sustainability is starting to change?

Yes – in a big way. From millennials and Gen Zs, regulatory changes, influencers, government incentives/penalties, COVID and greater access to information coming from documentaries such as Cowspiracy, Seaspiracy & Kiss the Ground we’re immersed in a time of massive change. Combine all these external factors with a flow of new products and innovation, ranging from haircare, foods, electronics to home décor we’re fortunate to have sustainable alternatives for everything we’re already buying. The power lies with buyers, every decision at checkout impacts what brands make and how they make it so the more we support sustainable brands the sooner we’ll knock conventional products out of the water!

What's your definition of the circular economy?

"Creating more with a lot less. The ability to keep things in use for longer means we’re less reliant on virgin materials and find solutions in new innovative solutions that have low to no impact on the environment."

If a brand wants to become more sustainable, where can they start?

Identify the easiest thing to improve about their product, manufacturing process, packaging, or business operations. Then, over time, chip away at more components which will become more easily accessible as investment in sustainable innovation increases. Cerqular is a destination brands will find absolutely everything they need to launch, manage, and scale their sustainable business with plug-in access to tools, services and functionality ranging from packaging, shipping, fulfillment, end-of-life solutions, manufacturing, carbon tracking and the best place to connect and sell to likeminded target shoppers.

What are some of your favorite sustainable brands?

Subjectively, I love every brand that has made it on Cerqular. We’ve met via Zoom almost all founders and the only thing that we love more than their products are the stories behind their brands and their warming journeys of challenging the current shopping norm. Personally, I love Tact & Stone, PARADIS PERDUS and Brava Fabrics.

About Cerqular

Cerqular is the fastest growing sustainable platform globally (and likely the largest now as well), we connect mission driven shoppers and sellers on a single platform. 

More on cerqular & a seller info guide:

  • 1-stop sustainable shopping destination for buyers - one cart, one payment, one reward program
  • Spec’d out with features including pre-ordering, out of stock ordering, integrating shipping, automatic inventory management & more
  • Sellers are in control of where they ship to, what they charge for shipping and their seller policies, i.e., returns and exchanges
  • Quick & Easy setup - seller products loaded onto cerqular in minutes + minimal/no ongoing maintenance
  • No ongoing costs at all - only a commission of either 10% or 15% depending on the number of products you list on cerqular
  • Access via the cerqular App Center to sustainable packaging, textiles, sourcing options, carbon neutral shipping & even end of life solutions - all in one place

You might be interested in our integrated end-to-end supply chain & inventory management solution with our S-FBC program - sustainable fulfillment by Cerqular. No minimums, no set up costs & a centralized platform that manages all your orders and inventory management needs on cerqular and everywhere else. 

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