Practicing Mindfulness

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Let's be honest, it's really hard for most of us to ever be in the present.  We're 75% "what has to get done" and 25% "what happened."  It's very easy to get stuck in the past or be dreaming of the future. But the ability to "reset" your mind, mood and attitude is very much about your conscious awareness. If you're like us, it's not as easy as it seems some days. But countless studies and cultures tell us over and over how much we benefit from this wellness technique. 

Here are some tips to practice mindfulness:

-Create a soothing environment. This includes managing lighting, noise and scent (like ours). The last thing you need is kids fighting, dogs barking and the smell of your leftover pizza from last night.

-Focus on your breathing. If you've ever done yoga, you'll know how calming this can be -- it can really help eliminate distractions and other negative thoughts. We like Yoga with Adriene on YouTube.

-Connect with nature. This is one of the best ways to be "present" -- to truly enjoy and celebrate the natural wonders of world around us. Breathe fresh air, savor colors, listen to winds.

-Find small moments throughout the day to check in with yourself. Mindfulness is an ongoing practice and 5 minutes here or there can really make a difference.

-Start a journal to track your feelings, mood, thoughts. It can be a conventional journal or you can try an audio journal. Journify has tips on how to do this.

Mindfulness is a passion at Isle de Nature. It's part of the journey we're all on to embrace life naturally. Please share your mindfulness tips in comments below.

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