About Pimenta Racemosa (the Bay Tree)

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Pimenta Racemosa (or the Bay Tree) is the foundation of our luscious island inspired scent. But don't mistake it for the bay leaves used in cooking, this bay plant is quite different. Our Bay Tree grows throughout the Caribbean and is part of the Myrtle family. Some Bay Trees can grow almost 40 feet high!

The Dominican (local créole) name for the Bay tree is called Bwa Den. There are three varieties of  plant leaves that are found in the Caribbean (and in Dominica): common, anise scented and citronella scented. They are used to make bay oil, and each variety is a little different -- with a different scent profile. The leaves are boiled and distilled to make Bay Oil, which is what we use in our scent. This is also the plant responsible for creating Bay Rum.

The Bay Tree leaves and oil also have medicinal uses. It can help joint pain and swelling and encourage the healing of sprains or strains.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska, Unsplash

Unfortunately, the recent hurricanes in Dominica (first Tropical Storm Erika in August 2015 and then Hurricane Maria in September 2017) have destroyed much of Dominica's Bay Oil production. The good news is that this crop is quite resistant and is now growing on the island in abundance.


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